Here we go

I’ve been meaning to relaunch my website for… well too long. Like many web developers I’ve found it challenging to go home and build a website when that’s what I spend all day doing. But I’ve finally done it!

Why am I taking the time to do this?

For years it’s been a goal of mine to maintain an extremely modern website for myself. Not only to show what I can do but to try out new tech as I please. Not always possible at work.

Along with that, I’ve been itching to blog. I’ve learned more from blogs than anywhere else and I now feel the need to start contributing.

What’s under the hood.

The design is very basic, for now, but under the hood, it’s a pretty sweet setup. What we got here is a pre-rendered SPA. Meaning when you make a request a static HTML file is served, then hydrated to act as a SPA as you use the site from there. All served from a CDN for speed. This is how I’ll be building websites from now. Gone are the days of building WordPress themes in PHP. But that’s a discussion for another day.

I’ll be making the site better over time obviously. Here’s the short list of features to come.

  • All the PWA bells and whistles.
  • Onsite, voluntary, crypto mining as a contribution.
  • Branding and styling evolution.
  • Probably some easter eggs for fun.

Check back in form time to time and you’ll see.

What you can expect from the new website.

I plan to blog monthly, at a minimum. Blogging about what’s new with web development, some tutorials/how-to’s, share what’s worked for me, and maybe a rant here or there. If you’re a web developer nerd like me, you should find it useful and hopefully mildly entertaining. That’s the goal at least.

So… here we go!